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What is a Filling?

A filling is used to repair cracked or broken teeth, and are commonly used during cavity treatment. To treat a cavity, after removing the decayed part of the tooth, we then “fill” the area of the tooth where the decayed material was removed.
Common dental filling materials include gold, porcelain, silver amalgam, or tooth-colored composite resin (mix of plastic and glass). As a part of our service at Camp Creek Dental, we will often recommend the best type of filling for each individual patient.

Why Would I Need a Filling?

If you have experienced tooth decay, a filling may be the best option for you. We determine if a filling is needed by examining your tooth enamel. Health enamel is hard and decayed enamel tends to be softer. We also use x-rays and cavity detecting dye to determine if there are cavities or tooth decay present.
You may also need to replace or restore a filling that you were treated for in previous years. Depending on the material used, some fillings tend to wear over time and must be replaced.

Schedule a Visit

If you’re concerned about tooth decay, we are available for appointment requests. At the time of your call, we will make the best determination of the type of service you should meet with our dentist for. Whether you are a new or returning patient, you may receive a consultation before any treatment options are considered.

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