Perfect your smile with the treatment options from Camp Creek Dental. At our local practice, our orthodontist in Atlanta, GA, offers a variety of solutions for patients dealing with cosmetic issues due to a misaligned or crowded bite. No matter your reasoning for considering braces, we’re here to help you make the final decision on how to best care for your smile. Schedule a consultation with us today to discuss your options and learn more about our treatment plans.

Your Source for Ortho

Recent advancements in the dental industry have made it possible for patients to experience results without a lengthy treatment time. Create a smile you are proud to show off to the world around you when you turn to our orthodontist for your services. At our dental practice, we proudly feature ortho technologies. This innovative treatment allows individuals to straighten their teeth faster than ever before.

Having a straighter, more beautiful smile has proven to minimize or eliminate oral discomfort for patients, while also improving their overall bite. Past orthodontic procedures required extensive time to improve or realign a patient’s bite, but ortho cuts down that time immensely. Most ortho treatments deliver results in as little as 120 days.

As an authorized provider of the ortho system, our orthodontist is available to treat a number of oral conditions. From crowding and spacing to bite and alignment issues, we have the right solution for your cosmetic problems.

Choosing the Right Treatment

The journey to a perfect smile starts with a visit to our orthodontist. During your consultation with us, we are happy to discuss each of your treatment plan options. Whether braces are the ideal solution or you require one of our other dental procedures, we are able to provide you with the right recommendations for your concerns.

Contact us in Atlanta, Georgia, to meet with our orthodontist for your treatments. We are available to work with patients throughout the area.