This Dentist is by far one of the best in Atlanta. Not only is he a dentist but a concerned medical practitioner. He makes sure that not only do you care for your teeth but he makes sure that you are taking full care of yourself. The other critical piece in which they earn 5 stars, is his staff! He has the best supporting staff ever, from the dental hygienist to the person setting your next appointment to the office manager! They all have personalities of gold. Great dentist!!!”
– S. Ridges
The staff is as friendly as they get. Great customer service, The doctor goes above and beyond his job. He loves what he does and it shows in his Work!! Thx Jeffery S. Butts, Brooklyn
No More Tears!!”
– B. Nute
I called in as a new patient in need of an extraction and needed it done ASAP. I was able to be scheduled within 48 hours. I arrived and was treated very nicely by the staff. The assistants were very informative of what to expect before seeing Dr. Butt. Dr. Butt did an exceptional job and provided amazing service. It took more time for the numbing injections to take place (30 mins) than it did for the tooth to be extracted and the gum to be cleaned out (10 mins tops). I was left with minimal pain at the extraction site the following day. I’ve had dental experiences that I walked away from just in absolute fear of my next visit but I’m actually looking forward to getting more work done at this facility.”
– J. Carr
“This is the best dentist office in the Atlanta area. The staff is very professional and always welcoming! Thank you all for being authentic.”
– P. McDonald
Dr. Butts and the rest of the staff are great. I recommend him to anyone whom is looking for a new dentist. No matter when I have a problem and I walk in, I've never been turned away. He's very sociable, nice and enjoys what he does.
– Tammie Bacon
This office was awesome I love the vibe here I’m definitely going back they made u feel so comfortable and relax Dr.Butts is such a awesome person
– Dasean Chandler